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SARS Vacancies -> SARS’s places a lot of value in its employees because they are valuable. It has a human resource strategy that focuses on the attraction and retention of talent, wellness and relations, leadership development, employee engagement and performance and employee health.

In the last six years, annual surveys on staff engagement indicate that there is a positive growth pattern. The trend is attributed to the development and implementation of employee engagement initiatives aimed at the staff’s needs.

There is a leadership development program based on the company’s leadership philosophy. The purpose of this program is to develop a competent and capable leadership that abides by the values and culture of the organization….

This makes the leaders accountable and responsible towards the delivery of the company’s mandate and priorities.

The comprehensive skills programme is supposed to deploy and retain employees and align them to the productivity improvement strategies such as the modernisation agenda.

Effective systems are put in place for the succession planning and development, this ensures that the employees are able to sustain an operating model. Since the government is keen on promoting the employment of the youth, there are the bursaries, Graduate Development Programme, internships and leaderships.

SARS has an estimated fifteen employees that work on a full time basis; sixty-two percent are women. 90.51% of the company’s staff works at operational and specialist levels.

Zero point seven two percent of the staff is in top managerial positions while the rest is management. On average; the staff members range between thirty and forty-five years old, 15.7% of the employees are below 30 years.

Race equity in terms of employment can be placed at seventy percent.

South Africa’s Constitution influences the integrity model and approach used by the organization. It indicates the requirements for public institutions in an effort to realize democracy and development.

Since SARS falls under this category it is expected to provide accountable, fair, equitable and fair services. In addition to this, it should offer high professional ethics standards while effectively and efficiently using the allocated resources.

There are four drivers used by SARS to promote integrity, they include; governance (infrastructure and leadership), service delivery, values and culture.

Leadership is considered to be the most important drive in the company. The position of this integrity drive is determined by the impact and role of leadership in any organisation. The leadership has to be empowered, to understand and support SARS’s integrity programme in order for the culture to be inculcated into the organisation.

In order for the Integrity Promotion Framework to work, it has to be in line with company’s values and its code of voluntary alignment. Once the approach has been put in place, it strengthens and promotes need to do what is right, sustaining the positives that are in place while eradicating the negative.

This framework can be used as a basis for prioritising the three pillars governing the Integrity Promotion Program.

The Integrity Promotion Framework serves various purposes for example it promotes self regulations among the staff members.

It also prevents any unethical conduct at the work place, builds the public’s trust and confidence in SARS and boosts the trust levels in and outside the organisation.

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