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Vacancies at Sassa, South Africa > Sassa is an acronym of South African Social Security Agency which is an arm of the government and was founded in 2005. It sprouted as a need by the government to have a body that strictly deals with the application, approval and payment of fees that have to do with social security.

It reports to the Ministry of Social Development and it is responsible of collecting data from the various cities and provinces and eventually reporting it to the ministry.

Before, all the 9 governments (from the 9 provinces) were held responsible for the administration and allocation of social grants, this however had grave repercussions that slagged service delivery systems specifically in the approval and payments of grants, therefore it created a hitch that made fraud and corruption quite possible.

A lot of citizens suffered due to these hitches, some parted with huge sums of money just to be granted a social security number which happens to be their right as a citizen of South Africa…

Sassa, considering that it is a government body, most would expect that there are instances where nepotism would be practised. Considering it is still a new body getting employees was somewhat last minute and well, some were hand-picked from the already existing government offices from the 9 government because they were already familiar with what was expected of them from the newly formed parastatal.

This office requires that most of its executive staff should be holders of a degree and at least about 2 years experience in a similar position. This is done mainly to encourage young adults to pursue tertiary education or they will be out of a job if they do not do so.

The office tends to outsource its hand jobs to companies who have a speciality in performing them. Hand jobs include of janitors, gardeners, cooks and so on.

Considering those are outsourced, the company does not set any requirements needed to apply for the jobs that is solely the work of the third party service providers. For the management team, those in the higher hierarchy level are picked by the minister and the social development committee.

The top most managers are vetted in front of the whole committee to allow for transparency in the organization, so that no fingers are pointed to so and so for malpractice or going against the books to appoint a person who is not competent just as a favour.

The other managers apply through the normal application procedure as the rest of the team. Advertisements are issued out to the media houses and are published as prints by the national newspapers. Further information can easily be retrieved from the Sassa website and the vacancies are normally in document form, making it easy for interested applicants to download the advert and tick out the requirement as they apply.

The Sassa organization requires the applicant to fill in the z.83 form with the correct details and they are against canvassing and if suspected the application shall automatically be declined.

All the best as you search for job vacancies at Sassa in various places in South Africa including Western Cape, Cape Town, Mpumalanga, KZN, Durban, Limpopo, Pretoria etc

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