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Transnet Vacancies > Transnet is a South African company that deals with the delivery of logistics. It has different business unit located in Johannesburg. It is a crucial part of freight logistics, the company has a duty to ensure that goods are delivered to their destination.

It is estimated that the company moves thousands of tons of goods within the country via its pipelines to and from the ports. If cargo is for export they load it into ships and unload imported items.

The company is solely owned by the government but runs as a corporate entity. Its aim is to support and contribute to South Africa’s freight logistics industry. Transnet is supposed to develop the country’s industry, provide efficient operations, make profits and cut down on operational costs.

In order to achieve its goals, the company is working towards increasing it market share, promoting profitability and productivity and providing the appropriate capacity for customers.

The company consists of five complementary operating units.

– Transnet Projects is one of the specialist functions that support the business units. Transnet Limited has successfully implemented its turn-around strategy and initiated a growth strategy at the same time. Before the growth strategy took off, it undertook a rebranding campaign.

R110.6 billion is being set aside for the revitalization and extension of infrastructure; this will open up more job opportunities for interested individuals. The organization plans to strengthen its partnerships so as to increase the value of its freight logistics systems. Play a major role in the growth of the economy while at the same tie improving the living standards of South Africans.

Transnet Limited’s vision is to become the leader in transport and logistics solutions in Africa; the organization has roots in transformation and resourcefulness. It controls a huge percentage of the transport infrastructure in the country.

If you want to work with a company that is committed towards customer satisfactions then apply for available vacancies. People who are passionate, skilled and driven enjoy working for Transnet. The company emphasizes on equity within the employment practice.

When the organization spots talented individuals it attracts and retains them. You have a higher chance of employment if you are from a historically disadvantaged background. Transnet is committed to the redesigning of business processes in an effort to exploit the available human resources effectively.

About Vacancies in Transnet

A lot of South African youth aspire to work with the organization.

There are plenty of opportunities via Transnet Leadership, Transnet Jobs and Transnet Bursaries. The leadership opportunities are offered annually. Chartered Accountants Training Program is one of the programs on offer. This program is meant to offer training to Chartered Accountants so that they can comply with South Africa’s requirements in accountancy.

Apply for the advertised vacancies for a chance to work in a professional, influential and challenging environment, your efforts and skills will be acknowledged and appreciated. Working with Transnet Limited gives you a chance to be part of the pioneering team of the country’s sustainable future. You get to work in a field that provides energy at a crucial time in South Africa.

In addition to that, you interact with amazing people under a friendly environment.

We hope the above information was useful in your search for Transnet Vacancies.

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