Vacancies at Correctional Services

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Vacancies at correctional services > It is possible for you to be a correctional officer without having formal qualifications. However, most employers will expect you to have gone up to year 10. You will also have to undergo an assessment examination given by the necessary authorities.

The Department for Correctional Services gives a psychological questionnaire, numeracy and literacy tests. Once you pass the assessment you are invited for the interviews. During the interview, the applicants undergo a police clearance and a medical examination.

If you secure the job, you have to complete the training and induction. In addition to that, your performance during the traineeship period should be satisfactory. You can contact the correctional department for further advice.

It is important for you to pass the National Police Check in order for your application to be successful. A person can only apply for the position if they are over 18 years of age and possess a valid manual driver’s license….

There are some courses that are related to the occupation, they do not lead to direct employment or create a direct pathway for you. Some of the courses provide informal or preliminary training while others offer additional skills required for the position. In case the related courses are not offered in your state you can check other states as well.

The Department for Correctional Services is responsible for the employment of correctional officers. As a correctional officer, you will be expected to work in different institutions around your state. A correctional officer works together with low, medium and high level security prisoners.

There is usually a high demand for advertised positions. Once you become a correctional officer you have to begin at the base-grade officer level. After you complete your traineeship you become a full correctional officer. It is possible for you to advance in your career by becoming a case management coordinator, custodial specialist, operational supervisor or unit manager.

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Always remember that your career goes beyond your job or occupation. It is the total sum of experiences and learning opportunities, both paid for and voluntary, acquired throughout life. An occupation on the other hand, is a list of similar jobs offered by various organizations. A job is the position in which you work in order to be paid.

There are so many factors that will influence your career for example; cultural values, education, age and family. Unlike in the past, very few people maintain one job throughout their career. Expect some few changes in the course of your professional life.

You are responsible for how your career progresses; do not assume that it will take a natural course, it is up to you to plan and mange it. You have the capability to make decisions based on your interests, skills and knowledge. As you get started on your career remember that you are not an island.

There are so many people that can assist and support you through the entire journey. Be of assistance to someone else in the course of their career as well. I hope this information has been useful to you as you search for vacancies at correctional services.


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