Vacancies at Metro Police

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Vacancies at Metro Police Unit South Africa. –

Have you ever been in an armed robbery or bomb threat situation? Your first instinct is usually to put as much distance as possible between you and the situation. This is not the same with the Metro Police Dog Unit. Once you join this taskforce you will be expected to go towards the source and neutralize the situation.

When you join this department you will be assigned a partner and a trained dog. The explosives dogs are trained to sweep for explosives in the event of bomb threat or if a VIP is expected to visit a certain place. There are those dogs that are trained to trace suspects by their scents they pick up the scent from a crime scene…

This unit also has a third type of dog, the narcotics dog. This dog sniffs out drugs from locations such as clubs and schools. The dogs usually participate in the search for cars and other forms of transportation that are used for trafficking drugs.

As a part of the dog unit you have to know how to handle the animals. You will be required to work with the local police from time to time. When you are not helping the police with a case you will be expected to issue tickets, assist when accidents occur and pull over suspicious drivers.

Metro Police Training

In order for you to join the unit you have to undergo two years of training. During this period you will alternate between six months at college and another six months out in the field. After the end of the 2 years you will take the final exam. For you to be accepted for training you need a code B driver’s license and a Matric certificate. Before you join the dog unit you should have served in the police force for more than one year.

When you join the dog unit you have to take dog training for four months. In the training, you are taught how to develop mutual trust with the dog, obedience training and a course on scents. Once the training I completed you become a dog handler. You also learn the dog’s behaviour possible ailments and traits. The course equips you with basic first aid for the dog.

In order for you to succeed in the training you should be perseverant, love animals, show patience and commitment. You should also be able to think on your feet and exhibit bravery. Fear is highly discouraged because it can lead to the loss of life.

As an officer, you should be able to deal with the injury or death of your dog, negative emotions within the unit or inadequate equipment. This is a very rewarding job especially if your dog helps save a person’s life. There is a high demand for police officers of the dog unit.

Only 4% of the Metro Police force is assigned to the unit. Be committed to your role because it is a career and not a job. You will be paid an average of R11, 000 per month depending on your rank. All the best as you search for vacancies at Metro Police department in South Africa.


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